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CDI Oilfield Services is servicing and providing the pumps for the Romanian oilfield operator: OMV Petrom & local partners. Our strategy is to move the technical and logistic expertise in order to locally build API 11 AX products.
CDI Oilfield Services has consolidated the activity of certain pump shops and optimized the head count accordingly. Currently we runs 14 pump shops throughout Romania with 138 employees including 27 petroleum and mechanical engineers.

COI Oilfield Services has a highly qualified staff available to support your rod string design needs in order to optimize the performance of your wells. Work one-on-one with our experts to help you have the most efficient pump and optimal design.

Our manufacturing new facility opened in 2015 has more than 3500 m2 with a 6 MM$ in inventory. The 14 pump shops network is covering more than 7,500 wells as pumps inspection and delivery in less than 3 hours.

CDIOS manufactures and services API and Specialty (non API) rod pumps.The pump parts portfolio covers the whole range of API 11AX pump sizes and many innovative concepts.

CDIOS has a complete quality control department that meets strict QA/QC guidelines and API 11AX certified products.
The specialty pump components are designed in house, to meet the critical DH well conditions as a guaranty of increasing the run life of the pumps and increase the pumping system efficiency.

The pump parts portfolio covers the whole range of API 11AX pump sizes and many innovative concepts.

CDI Oilfield Services has the obligation to supply any package consisting of a reciprocating or progressing cavity pump and other accessories and equipment within 6 hours from notification. In keeping with such restrictive obligation, CDI Oilfield Services maintains a sizeable inventory of pumps, equipment, parts and employs an optimized logistic process thus the averrage delivery time for around 500 monthly orders is actually less 2.5 hours.

Our engineering team work closely with customer’s field supervisors, data being constantly collected and analyzed.

The information provided by the system are using in meetings with the business partners in order to analyze the current activity, production optimization, monitoring of special projects.

“Interface Upstream” can reduce operating costs by monitoring equipment performance of individual wells and help identifying the most cost-effective equipment designs.

We strive to become a partner for our customers, providing E&P companies with the confidence and satisfaction that they expect in an Artificial Lift program. CDI Oilfield Services is committed to providing the service and support that creates lasting partnerships. We work tirelessly to find the right solution for your particular application and keep your assets producing.

CDIOS is awarness that quality of products, customer satisfaction, environment protection, safety of our employees and customer are critical for success of our business.

CDI Oilfield Service personnel works alongside the customer’s team daily, monitoring and optimizing critical applications or applications showing production increase potential, supplying and monitoring flowrate measuring devices, making recommendations and following up on their implementation and results, supervising installation and commissioning.

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